Uniarts furniture

Design for a family of solid wood furniture for the new Uniarts campus in Sörnäinen Helsinki. More about this soon.


Concept and execution for a range of kitchen knife handles, attached here with blades masterfully crafted by OUL Sakai of…

Oak gallery shelf

A paper thin oak shelf for gallery display purposes. 2019 3000x450x300

Maple Tray

Rippled maple for a personal geometry experiment. 2015

Rosewood for a friend

Geometry conversion from a world unknown to me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destiny_(video_game) Carefully CNC-milled from African rosewood, bubinga. 100x100x100 2018

Oak one-offs, summer 2016

A set of oak tables with house blend steel legs from 2016. Thin milled edges for lightness. My idea of…


Bar counter for We Got Beef, Helsinki. The Sapele mahogany veneers were laid radially to make the grain direction continuous…


KIDE series consists of simple wooden chairs, stools, benches and foldable tables designed originally for Kuokkala church in Jyväskylä Finland….

Solid oak kitchen

All solid wood structure for longevity. Total depth of 75cm gives plenty of table top & storage volume with full…

Neomylodon Listai Ameghino

Oak vitrine design & production for a travelling natural history exhibition. An all oak&glass structure, that unfolds itself from two…

Oak bed frame

A frame with integrated bedside tables on both sides & large box underneath. Massive oak & cone shaped steel legs….

Sunburst tables

Radially veneered tables. Up to 145 cm in diameter. 2014

Jord / 18 seater

A huge dining table with ample room for 18 chairs. Made of two slabs of old European oak. Slim edge…

Crotch mahogany kitchen

A set of furniture made of Honduras mahogany for a private client. Book-matched crotch mahogany panels on the kitchen doors….


The structure was designed by architect Markus Wikar. My responsibility was to assemble it. The organic wooden dome consists of close…

Sapele mahogany cabinet

Sapele mahogany cabinet
210 x 105 x 55

Alfons’ Pizza

Best pizza in Helsinki. Furniture made of carefully selected French oak. The tailor made steel legs balance the roughness of…


Store design and production for a Stockholm based Caliroots family’s branch in Helsinki. The layered structure consists of reinforced glass…

Modular glass display

A minimalistic design for Grey Market store made of tempered glass & lacquered oak.  Easy & fast to assemble & disassemble with…

Piku 1

First edition of Piku auditorium seat for Kemi city theatre. Clean & minimalistics design that is easily tailored to meet…

Piku 2

Piku auditorium seat requires very little depth. Saved space enables more seat rows and added user comfort by providing extra…

Alder cone

An art piece made of alder that had grown in the Archipelago of Turku, Finland. Geometry modeled in 3d-environment, routed…


Headphones made of teak. An early experiment from an early year of 1996. Stainless spring steel headset and polyurethane cushions. Polished…