Concept and production for a range of wooden handles for kitchen knives. Attached with OUL Sakai blades masterfully crafted by…

Oak gallery shelf

A paper thin oak shelf for gallery display purposes. 2019 3000x450x300


A sculpture by Timo Heino. My task was to design the structure of the sculpture and contract it for the…

Rosewood for a friend

Geometry conversion from a world unknown to me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destiny_(video_game) Carefully CNC-milled from African rosewood, bubinga. 100x100x100 2018

Maple Tray

Rippled maple for a personal geometry experiment. 2015


The structure was designed by architect Markus Wikar. My responsibility was to assemble it. The organic wooden dome consists of close…


Headphones made of teak. An early experiment from an early year of 1996. Stainless spring steel headset and polyurethane cushions. Polished…

Alder cone

An art piece made of alder that had grown in the Archipelago of Turku, Finland. Diameter 35cm. 2011